Katrina (Kat)

Katrina (Kat)

Licensed Massage Therapist

School Attended: Blue Sky School of Professional Massage and Therapeutic Bodywork  

My Niche:  My favorite massage on our menu is the ultimate massage. My style of massage is usually relaxing/swedish with medium to firm pressure. I enjoy doing deep tissue massage but, I can also do a very light, relaxing massage and my guest can get great benefits from both. I typically focus on the back, shoulder and neck because I feel that most people hold a lot of stress and tension there. I love giving the Sunshine Massage and Stress Fix Massage.

What makes me Shine:  When I'm not working I love reading, or going for hikes and exploring trails.. Swimming, running, yoga and pilates are also things I enjoy. I like traveling and seeing new places. When I'm relaxing at home I'm usually cuddled up with my cats and a Stephan King book. 
Motto on Life: TBD 

Spirit Animal: Deer 

Zodiac Sign:  Pisces