Licensed Massage Therapist

School Attended: At 61 years young, I followed my passion for the healing arts and enrolled in massage therapy school. Thanks to the support and encouragement of lacy and her entire staff, I achieved my dream of graduating from the Fox Valley School of Massage in May 2015. Special thanks to Bethany for the textbooks, advice and volunteering to be my first practice massage! 

What makes me Shine: In my former life, I served the flying public as an Air Traffic Controller for 30 years in Waterloo, lowa. Now I live happily in Appleton with my domestic partner, Daisy the Cat (16 pounds of equal parts sassy and love!). I grew up in the south living the nomadic life due to my father's career as a Naval Controller. 
My Niche: I love massage, I believe massage is a gift from the ancient healing arts that has survived the ages because it works. It reduceds stress and that alone will help you live longer and happier. Once thought of as a luxury now is becoming an essential component of wellness and health. I am now part of that healing center at the Sunflower Spa by specializing in Swedish massage, deep tissue, lymphatic drainage, aromatherapy, and Reiki energy work. My favorite massage to give is the Reiki Zen. I look forward to meeting all of the wonderful people that walk through the Sunflower Spa's doors. Come let me spoil you with a little down home goodness.  
Motto on Life: Do not let the future distrub you. You will meet it, if you have to, with the same weapons of reason which today arm you against the present.

Spirit Animal: Jaguar

Zodiac Sign: Aries