The Sunflower Spa was born in the Between the Locks building with two therapy rooms in 2003. In 2005, two more rooms and additional services were added, and in 2008 the spa moved across the street into the building that used to be Wilmar Chocolates.

The new building was remodeled beginning in July 2008 and opened in November 2008. The Sunflower Spa now stands over 2,500 square feet with two stories, nine therapy rooms, private retreat space, full kitchen, and steam shower. After all these years of providing a wonderful spa experience, the Sunflower field continues to grow.


The Sunflowers are a dedicated team of professionally-trained therapists who have received their training from all over the United States. The Sunflowers share a passion for contributing to the wellness of our guests, and they put guest satisfaction at the center of all they do. Each Sunflower has their own technique and center of knowledge of various modalities for optimal health and wellness. Most of all, they are extremely passionate about service and what they do.



Lacy Hardy is the CEO and founder of the Sunflower Spa, which was established in December 2003. Inspired by her desire to make a difference in people’s health and lives, she transformed her lifestyle and career from a fast-paced corporate technical recruiter in Denver to a spa owner in Appleton, Wisconsin. As well as running the business, Lacy is also a licensed massage therapist and esthetician.

Lacy received her bachelor’s degree with an emphasis in business and communications from the University of Wisconsin Stevens Point and graduated in December of 1997. In the beginning of 1998, she packed her bags and moved to Colorado without knowing a single soul to pursue a different experience. Lacy ended up in corporate America recruiting for a number of technical companies in the Denver market; however, she always wanted to pursue her passion – massage therapy and wellness. A blessing in disguise came in 2001 when the market changed and her position ended – it gave her the opportunity to pursue her dreams.

Lacy enrolled at the Golden Institute of Massage in Golden, Colorado where she received a 1,000 hours-certification in massage therapy training in March 2003. Lacy started the Sunflower Spa, and then in October 2003, she moved the business back to her hometown of Appleton, Wisconsin. The Sunflower Spa opened in Appleton on , January 21, 2003 offering massage therapy, body wraps, skin care and waxing. Lacy is also a certified yoga instructor and received her training at Feel Your Best Yoga in Mequon, Wisconsin. In addition, she obtained her Health Coaching certification in 2014. With this certification she plans on helping people obtain wellness on the inside as well as the outside.

Lacy continues to grow her business and continue her education in the realm of wellness.

In her spare time, Lacy is very active. She loves to travel and spend time with her husband Todd and their dog Otis. Lacy’s philosophy on life is, “Live today like it is your last day on earth — or whatever planet you may be on that day.”

Why does Lacy love when she does? “I love being a part of helping someone achieve optimal health, and educating them on their bodies. I love the challenges of the business side of things, too. I am passionate about what I do, and that shows up in my work.”


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