February 14, 2018
February 14, 2018

There’s nothing like the transition of summer ending and school starting. It can be fun outfitting your kids with new backpacks, clothes and school supplies. That fun can turn to fright for some of us. We know that the lazy summer schedule has come to an end and the challenge of gearing up for the school year begins. Things can spin out of control with the anticipation of new schedules, appointments, after- school activities and homework. How do you seek balance and ease during this time of year? During the month of September we are focusing on seeing balance. We will be sharing how balancing your Chakra’s can help.

Top 5 Things Maintain Balance In your life- by Lacy Hardy


If you prepare for your day things will go much smoother. Get your kids in the habit of laying out their clothes for the next day. This could be fun if you have a little fashionista on in your house. Girls we can make this fun! For the boys in your family well that may be a bit more of a challenge. Everyone wants to look good and put his or her best foot forward. Lay out your outfit for the next day and pack your backpack and Mom pack your briefcase.


Did you know that up to 30% of adults and their kids don’t even eat breakfast? How can you mentally learn if you don’t have the proper nutrition? Get the groceries and plan the meals. Studies show if you plan your meals you will eat healthier. Start your day off right and get some food in your belly as well as the kiddos.


The most successful Mom’s (you know the ones that make it look so easy), live and die by their planner. They write everyone’s schedule down and have it all in once place. Whatever system works for you; digital, planner or your fridge, just find something that works for you and use it, then own it. Learn to say NO.


Get everyone in a routine, including one for you. When you’re pulled in every direction but the one you’re supposed to go in, everything will suffer—including your sanity. Even though school might not have started yet, look at your work and family commitments and try to marry the two on your calendar. Look at the things you have to go to and say no to the things that you are not committed to. Seek some consistency in your family routine, so everyone knows when dinner is or when homework time is. All people like to know what to expect.


So many individuals are overscheduled and try to fit too many things into one day. Kids and adults need downtime; need time to be bored to harness that creative side. Taking time to have fun and just be spontaneous is a great way to reduce stress. If you have to schedule this downtime into your family schedule do so – make it part of your routine. Maybe your downtime will be your time to steal away and hour or more and push the reset button on life and receive a facial or a massage with the Sunflower Spa. Taking time to recharge your batteries will help you become a better parent, spouse and co-worker. We are seeing more and more kids receiving the benefits of massage as well. Maybe its something you can experience together!


Chakra Balancing™ Massage

60 min | $90

75 min | $105

90 min | $120

The Chakra Balancing™ Massage This treatment focuses on balancing the chakras using deep tissue massage with focus on lower back, gluts and spinal muscles, foot reflexology, and energy work techniques. The word chakra means, “Wheel”. The chakras are the seven energy centers located along the spine. Each chakra corresponds to specific physical and mental qualities. Focusing on these centers can help you become more aware of different aspects of the self.

SEPTEMBER SPECIAL: Includes Chakra cards and your very own sample of your Chakra lotion for home care. $15 VALUE

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