February 14, 2018
Don’t Let a Single Chromosome Deter You!
February 25, 2020

Let’s be upfront, getting waxed down there for the first time is not a fun experience. That said, it lasts longer than shaving (4-6 weeks), and it is super smooth results. Here are some tips.

1. Before you come in TRIM your bush to about 1/4 inch in length. The wax does need to adhere.

2. Determine if what kind of shape and style you want. Brazilian Wax will remove all the hair from front to back. If you want your bush to be a shape of a triangle we can do that, a sunflower shape is stretching our artistic abilities with the wax.

3. Timing does matter, try to not schedule it during “that time” of the month, because your skin will be more sensitive and it will hurt more.

4. Take a shower, need we explain. No, we do need to tell you that it does help to exfoliate with body scrub regularly to avoid ingrown hairs and the area will be less sensitive after regular exfoliation. Less painful.

5. You will be exposed, very exposed. Does the term “spread eagle” make sense. It would be best if you were comfortable with this otherwise go for the bikini wax instead. We do need to get up close and personal to ensure we get all the hidden hair removed.

6. It will hurt. We use a wax that is much more gentle. However, we are waxing a sensitive area.

In the end, it is all worth it, and you only have to get it done every 4-6 weeks. You will love the results.

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