August 10, 2020 Update

The Sunflower Spa has been in business for 16 years and no virus is taking us down, we are so excited about reopening our doors. We have risen above this pandemic and will continue to take on life's challenges as we move forward. Why because we have made the choice to shine!


As we reopen the Sunflower Spa is committed to ensuring the health and safety of our employees and guests. The Sunflower Spa has always held the highest standards in safety and sanitation. We are following the guidelines from health experts and taking the highest precautionary and safety measures to ensure everyone’s safety while receiving treatment without sacrificing our relaxing Sunflower Spa experience. We all have a role in “this” together. The Sunflower Spa reserves the right to refuse anyone service.


Appointments are available to be scheduled online or by calling the spa between the hours of 8:00 AM - 7:00 PM Monday- Friday and Saturday 8:00 AM - 2:00 PM.

If you are a scheduled guest at the Sunflower Spa and decide to arrive at your appointment and refuse to wear a mask or follow our safety procedures, we will refuse service and charge you the full amount of your service.


Sunflower Spa guests must be able to answer ‘NO’ to the following questions:

**Had contact with someone diagnosed with COVID19

**Experiencing Cold or Flu-like symptoms (fever, sore throat, respiratory illness or difficulty breathing)

**Refusal to abide by the Sunflower Spa requirements stated above will result in denial of service & full charge for the time booked with the therapist.


Our Sunflower Concierge will greet you inside the spa lobby, perform a temperature check, and document the results. They will also ensure you are wearing your face mask and that you agree to wear it at all times once you enter the spa. Please fill out the digital COVID19 forms prior to your service with us.

Once all required documents are completed, your therapist will bring you into the Spa and immediately back to the treatment room.


Due to the pandemic, our safety and sanitation have changed. Before we start we review our safety measures so you can relax and feel safe during your treatment.


The Sunflower Spa has always held the highest standards in safety and sanitation.


Our sanitation products are now out in the open instead of in a cupboard.

That is also why you see towels out in the open as well.


We both agree to wear a mask during the entire treatment to prevent the spread of germs from talking, sneezing, or coughing.

We both agree with the social distance before and after treatment.

We both agree to handwash or sanitize as needed


✿ Cut fingernails

✿ Wear a laundered uniform

✿ Sanitize all surfaces in the treatment room and spa

✿ Wash sheets and table covering after each guest


At the end of your service, your Therapist will share their findings with you while you are on the table.

The Therapist will say goodbye to you while you are on the table.

After you went through our touchless transaction you will finish your guest experience.

Please wash your body with soap and water, when you get home and drink a lot of water.

Stay up to date by subscribing to our social media and watch some fun videos on our youtube channel. There is going to be a lot to update you on. We have videos in the works to show you the entire process, so everyone feels comfortable.


During the provisional times, there is nothing more certain than the importance of your self-care routine. The pandemic has impacted our mental health and has triggered an overwhelming amount of stress on everyone. At the Sunflower Spa, we have always served our community with one goal in mind, relaxation, and helping our guests receive optimal health. More than ever our community is in need of a safe place where they can relieve their tension and feel better and look better.


Sunflower Spa has always been committed to providing a clean and safe environment for you to relax. During the COVID-19 crisis, we reinforced those steps and added additional measures. Cleanliness will continue to be a focus moving forward.

Among the steps we are taking, Sunflower Spa will require:

Sanitation Stations-are located for public use around the entire spa and equipped with hand sanitizer, sanitizer spray, and paper towel.

Masks- will be worn by Sunflowers and guests to ensure everyone's safety. In addition, we are selling masks, they are a pretty hot item now!

Single Person Lobbies- we will provide four lobbies to ensure little or no contact with other guests. Only guests who are receiving services will be allowed in the spa.

Temperature Testing- we will be temperature testing our Sunflowers and guests who are receiving services.

Forms- We have new electronic forms that will be sent to you via email and/or text message. Please fill out the COVID19 and Health History Form before your arrival.

Team Safety- Our team will have to follow stricter sanitation and safety rules that we will be putting in place and enforcing.

Guest Relations @ home: To minimize the number of Sunflowers in the building our guest relations team will be working from home taking your reservation calls.

Room Sanitation- Thoroughly wiping down all service rooms and tools with approved hospital-grade or EPA-registered disinfectants and cleaning and disinfecting bathrooms and common areas at a minimum of once every hour.

Team Training-Requiring all team members to pass our Sunflower Spa Sanitation and Illness Prevention training and performing a practical assessment to ensure they follow the strict guidelines we enforce, including proper handwashing.

Linens: All linens are single service use. We change sheets and face covers after each client and wash at high temperatures with a commercial-grade detergent and sanitizer product to minimize the transmission risk, as is recommended by various public health authorities. We will be using a bath sheet for a blanket so that all linens will be changed after each service and washed.

Touchless TransactionsThe moment you walk in for your treatment we have thought about minimizing touchpoints. A credit card is taken at the time of booking so we can use that at the time of check out.

Digital Forms: All forms are sent via email or text and are required to be filled out prior to your arrival

Hot Stone Sanitation: After each use, our basalt hot stones and marble cold stones, are scrubbed with disinfecting detergent soap and sprayed with Sanitizer (that is left on the surface of the stones for up to 3 minutes to kill any virus it comes in contact with). The hot stone warming units are also thoroughly washed with detergent soap after each use.

General Sanitation: We will also employ an aggressive cleaning schedule for the entire spa. All service rooms will be thoroughly wiped down with a hot hand towel or washcloth with sanitizer. It is well known that the COVID-19 virus cannot survive temperatures greater than 115 degrees Fahrenheit.

Hot towels in the treatment room: While we wash all towels after each use, we also prep these clean towels pre-use in towel cabbies that heat the towels to 150 -160 degrees Fahrenheit.

Staggered Appointments- we have done our best to stagger appointments to minimize the number of people in our lobby at all times.

After your Service: We recommend that you drink plenty of water and take a shower and use soap on your entire body.


-Kids under age of 18

-Steam Shower


Due to the COVID19, we are taking extra precautions to host private Spa Parties at the Sunflower Spa.

We are limiting all Spa Parties to 4-6 people or less.

Chef Shelly will take all the food safety and sanitation precautions necessary.

Guests must follow all the Sunflower COVID19 rules just like any other guest.

When guests are eating and drinking they can have their mask off.

All Sunflower employees working at the party will be required to wear gloves while dishing up food and cleaning dishes.

We will make changes as we see fit.


If you are a scheduled guest at the Sunflower Spa and decide to arrive at your appointment and refuse to wear a mask or follow our safety procedures, we will refuse service and charge you the full amount of your service.


We know that the world will change in many ways in the near future, but one thing that we are certain of is that we will be there for you with the cleanest and safest environment. Our commitment remains for you to feel better when you leave than when you came in. Thank you for your trust and support, we are ecstatic to be relaxing our community once again.

Choices and Lacy’s tangent:

COVID19, has required us to make choices we never thought we would have to. I, as the owner of the Sunflower Spa for 16 have been faced with many of difficult decisions. Every decision I make i take the following into consideration, how will this affect our team, our guests, and how this will affect our community. For that reason, I have chosen to open a few weeks later to let the dust settle and have our team along with our community get used to the new life after COVID. I have come to the conclusion that we all have choices, we all have a mind to decide what is best for us, and NO ONE CAN TAKE THAT AWAY.

If anyone is struggling with life after COVID, please remember this:

I understand that everyone has to make their own choices on how they are going to reintegrate themselves back into society.

Everyone has their own feelings, opinions, and beliefs around COVID19.

I respect yours and I ask you to respect others, and our team.

I have no tolerance for judgment or getting into an argument about what is right or wrong.

Because there is no right or wrong, it is only what you believe is right or wrong for you.

At this time you need to figure out what is best for you to come up with your own plan of what you are and are not going to do.

We have come up with ours.

Please do not judge anyone, you do not know their beliefs.

The circumstances are neutral we are all dealing with "the virus".

Please at this time, know you do have a choice, and that your freedom is never taken away from you.

You can choose not to follow our rules, or think we are going overboard.

I as the owner have to put my beliefs aside and put everyone's safety at the highest level of expectations.

So yes, you can choose to comment and not follow the rules.


However, there are consequences for every choice.

We can choose not to serve you.

I will not tolerate poor behavior and neither will my team.

We choose love over arguments or judgments, everyone is doing what they need to do in our organization for the safety of the team and our guests and for the entire community.

OUR NEW SPA MANTRA: I respect your beliefs even if they are not mine, we will still be friends.

I will not judge you, your the only one who can make the best choice for you. Please respect my beliefs, and do not judge me either.

I am your friend and we can choose to disagree.

I release any conditions and accept you just as you are.



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