Massage Add-ons

Hot Stones On Back
Melt away tension with the healing heat of hot stones.
Reiki or Energy Work
15 min | $10
Reiki can be added to any massage to help calm the nervous system and balance the bodies energy. It works great to reduce emotional stress.
Dry Brushing
Dry brushing feels amazing and helps exfoliates the skin, stimulates the lymphatic system, increases circulation and feels great.
Extra 15-Minute Massage
Extra 30-Minute Massage
Steam Shower
20 min | $10

Facial Add-ons

Revitalizing Eye Treatment
Perfect for dehydrated, tired eyes, this add-on includes a hydrating mask, refreshing peppermint tea compresses, nourishing eye cream, and a pressure point massage.
Revitalizing Hand Treatment
10 min | $15
Help hard-working hands recover from dryness and signs of aging with this nourishing hand treatment.
Revitalizing Foot Treatment
10 min | $15
Revitalize tired feet with this invigorating foot scrub, wash, and moisture mask.
Eyebrow Wax