Sunflower Spa Chair Massage

The new coffee break- with health benefits!

Sunflower Spa Chair Massage is a great addition to any wellness program. Massage relieves stress, improves team moral, increases productivity, and lowers health care costs. All of our Therapists are licensed and insured and provide a professional, relaxing experience.

The Sunflower Spa works with many local companies to incorporate chair massage as an extra benefit to their current wellness programs. Most of the businesses we service schedule monthly chair massage sessions or have us visit at the same time every year, often during the holidays or stressful periods.

Our Sunflowers are professional in their behavior and style, ensuring they will fit right into your organization while they serve your staff. Each therapist will come prepared with music, massage chair, and hands to relax and rejuvenate your team.

Please call for rates. Rates will includes all supplies and transportation costs (5 mile radius).

We will follow up with you via telephone within 24-48 hours to discuss scheduling your Sunflower Spa Chair Massage. Please contact us at 920.739.1235 if you have any questions or concerns in the meantime.