Enter a very dark chocolate place!


Sweet Cream sea salt exfoliation smooths all the rough and dry spots. Next, a warm dark chocolate softening mask packed with antioxidant rich CoQ10 enzymes is painted over every inch and skin is left to a nourishing delight. You are then wrapped with a strawberry and vitamin packed whipped shea butter cocoon. Finally Agave Nectar body oils massage with brings deep, luscious hydration and a smooth end to this treatment!

Full Exfoliation & Wrap ScalpNeck & Face Massage 75 Min Treatment $125

Enhancement: Add-on massage or facial


Enjoy well-deserved YOU time!


Start the year off with Strawberries and Bubbly.


Your back and feet are treated to a moisturizing scrub with a sweet cream banishing dead, dry skin and hydrates deeply with vitamin E oils. Next, your back and feet are nourished with a warm chocolate softening mask to delight your senses and nourish the skin. Then you are treated to a champagne bubbling fizzer warm towel soak that both relaxes and invigorates.Finally a drizzle of agave Nectar and shea butter and strawberry makes for a lavish massage finale like no other.



Strawberry Smash Shea Butter and Agave Nectar Oil

Sweet Creme Exfoliation on Back and Feet

Sundae Best Mask on back and feet.

Candy Cane Champagne Infused Steam Towels Enhancement to any treatment $15 extra